Elliptical trainer vs Spin Bike: Everything you need to know

If you’re looking for a cardio machine to help you stay in shape there are plenty of good options like a rowing machine or a spin bike but one that we recommend all our readers is an elliptical machine (read reviews at FitnessGuyd). Spin bikes are often the go-to machine for most newbies but here are a few reasons we love the elliptical over any other cardio machine.

Better for weight loss

To lose weight you’ve got to burn out the excess calories for which it is important to challenge your body which can be done by adjusting the resistance. Adjusting resistance in elliptical trainers is easier and in the high models can be done with the press of a button.

Also, tests have shown that an hour on the elliptical helps you burn about 500 calories whereas with a spin bike you’ll burn around 350-400 calories only.

Stay Entertained

Spin bikes are very similar to cycles and can get boring after a while whereas the movement of an elliptical machine is unique and is far more fun than cycling at home.

Apart from that a lot of the high-end elliptical machines come with features such as a book rack, a mobile phone holder, and inbuilt speaker system and also Bluetooth and Wii-Fi connectivity that allow you to play your favorite music or read your favorite book while working out.

Easy storage

For any person working out from home, storage can be an issue and thus it’s important to have a compact machine that can be folded. The most spin bike cannot be folded and thus become harder to move or store through their designed more compactly than ellipticals.

On the other hand, while there are a few compact elliptical models too like the Exerpeutic Aero Air, most of the trainers are foldable, lightweight and also come with wheels for easy movement and storage.

Spin Bikes

A more effective workout

A lot of experts only consider a spin bike as a warm-up machine just to get the blood pumping into the muscles and heart rate going. 10-15 minutes on the machine at a medium resistance is often enough. This is mainly because spin bike focuses on the lower body.

Ellipticals are proper workout machines and as they engage most of the upper and lower body muscles and when done in combination with strength training helps improve muscle growth.

Perfect for athletes

Planning on being a professional cyclist? Well, then spending a lot of your time on a spin bike is ideal but for runners and other athletes looking to cross train an elliptical trainer is the perfect machine as it works out the upper and lower body.

You can also adjust the incline and resistance in most models for a tougher workout, ideal for those planning a trail run and as they are easy on the joints they are perfect workout machines for those recovering from long-term injuries or surgeries.

Perfect for athletes


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